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August 14 2016 SITE UPDATE

Account Errors are now solved. You can log in and save boards again. Thanks for sticking with us through the issues. Please read the Scrabble Cheat Board News section for the latest site uptime info.

Your Letter Tiles:

Board Name for Future Reference :

Game Board: Scrabble Words With Friends Wordfeud
WordWise Lexulous Alphajax

Dictionary: TWL06 Words With Friends
SOWPODS ODS5 Zingarelli2005

Welcome to Scrabble Cheat Board


1 – Select the Game Type (each board has different multiplier locations).
2 – Select which dictionary is being used (Only required for Scrabble).
3 – Enter your Rack letters in the “Your Letter Tiles” field.
     *Use a [SPACE] for Blank Tiles (Wildcards)
4 – Hit the Search button
5 – To the right will be a list of all words playable with your tiles, sorted by point value.
6 – Rollover the word in the list on the right to see where on the board where each word should be played
7 – Click the word in the list to add it to the board
8 – The smart Scrabble Cheat Board will leave letters in your rack that weren’t played on a given turn
9 – Repeat the process for each turn, to get the highest point play possible.
10 – Be sure to save the board setup for future usage. You can cheat at work, then finish your game at home!
11 – Sign up for a Scrabble Cheat Board account.
12 – You can also save and load multiple game boards, if you are playing more than one game at a time
13 – You can manage your gameboards (save, load or delete) on your personal account page

Direct Input:
1 – You can input letters directly on the board by just clicking in the space and typing in the letter
2 – Make sure and use lowercase letters
3 – For letters that have no point value (Blank Tiles/Wildcards), use CAPITAL letters and the board will give this letter a value of zero
4 – You can also enter your own turns manually if you would like or build a partial gameboard mock-up

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